Digital Xrays

Dental Tip of the week….if your dentist has a digital Xray system, request that it be used on you. The main reason is that these digital systems deliver about 50% less radiation to the patient (compared to traditional film) and produce an instant image. In my office we use the DEXIS XRAY SYSTEM. I love…

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Xylitol….what’s the deal?

Dental Tip of the week……If you like chewing gum….. try a gum with xylitol… is a sweetener that cannot be digested by the bacteria in our mouth. This results in less acid production by the bacteria plaque in out mouth, which in turn will lower the decay rate of our teeth!!!! oh yeah…. Go Blue!…

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. Please check back often for weekly updates on fun and exciting events happening at our office, important and interesting information about the dental industry, and the latest news about our practice. Feel free to leave a comment or question for our doctor and staff –…

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