Dental Bonding

Dental tooth bonding can be a quick, easy and affordable way to repair minor issues with your teeth so you can have whiter teeth and a nicer smile. Bonding of the teeth is a cosmetic procedure that's used to repair chipped teeth, patch gaps between your teeth and even make slightly crooked teeth look straight. Tooth bonding can even make your teeth appear whiter, since it involves covering up teeth that may be discolored.Dental Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding involves placing a permanent white filling onto all or parts of your existing teeth. This filling “bonds” with your teeth and can attach to your teeth to perfect their shape, fill in spaces between your teeth and repair chipped teeth. Tooth bonding fillings come in a variety of colors to match the color of your existing teeth so it looks natural.

For those concerned about metal or amalgam fillings in their mouth, bonded fillings can be used instead. Bonded fillings are less noticeable and blend right in with your natural teeth to repair tooth decay. Bonding can stain and break easier than other types of cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers, but it can usually be repaired quickly and easily in just one trip to our office.

Tooth bonding is a versatile procedure that can be used in the front and back of your mouth to make your teeth look spectacular. And bonding is less expensive than other types of cosmetic dental procedures, making it an affordable way for you to improve your smile. Bonding is often completed in just one visit to our office too – perfect for those with busy schedules.

At Dr. Hadeed's office we can work with your budget to bond your teeth. Talk to us about financing tooth bonding through Care Credit so you can have a perfect smile!