Dental Extractions

Dental Extraction

Tooth extraction is a necessary—and typically very quick—procedure that addresses a multitude of dental issues. These issues include decayed and abscessed teeth, stubborn baby teeth that will not exfoliate and teeth that must be removed in order to add space in the dental arch for orthodontic treatment.


When Should I Have My Child’s Baby Tooth Extracted?

Typically the baby tooth will fall out on its own, making way for the permanent tooth. From time to time, however, the baby tooth may be in a position that does not allow it to come out on its own. When that happens, the tooth will need to be extracted in order to make room for the eruption of the permanent tooth.

When Should I Have a Permanent Tooth Extracted?

Permanent teeth need to be extracted for a variety of reasons.  The most common reason that a tooth would need to be extracted is when it has decayed to a point that the dentist cannot restore the tooth. A tooth may require extraction, as well, when it has cracked so much that the tooth cannot be restored.  In addition, a periodontal problem (when the bone had dissolved around the roots of a tooth) will often force the extraction of a tooth. Lastly, a dentist may extract a tooth or teeth in order to make more room in the dental arch to allow for the straitening of remaining teeth.

How Do I Have a Tooth Extracted?

A tooth extraction is generally a very quick procedure. Dr. Hadeed will use local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will be removed.

During the procedure, Dr. Hadeed will expand the tooth socket—this is where the tooth is encased within your jawbone. This is accomplished by gently rocking the tooth in all directions. After expanding the socket, he will then separate the tooth from the ligament (tiny fibers called periodontal ligaments connect the root of the tooth to the surrounding bone) that has been holding it in place and remove the tooth. In order to avoid any complications caused by the extraction, such as excessive bleeding and/or infections, Dr. Hadeed may place a suture and/or a dissolvable sponge in the extraction site and prescribe antibiotics.

Visit Dr. Hadeed’s office in Clinton Township, and he will discuss with you the best course of action for your tooth extraction.