Are you someone who gets routine fluoride treatments? In order to maintain a healthy mouth, you should be! Dr. Hadeed will advise you, during your regular office visit, in regards to how often you should receive a fluoride treatment. Taking into account your specific oral health situation, this could range anywhere from once per year to daily fluoride mini-treatments with a higher-strength fluoride toothpaste.

A regular dose of fluoride in high concentration is important to help combat tooth demineralization. As a result, your tooth will be less likely to experience decay, and you will be less likely to wind up with a cavity.

Getting a fluoride treatment is quick and easy. Fluoride is available in foam and gel form, and the treatment takes just a few minutes! To best suit your preferences, we offer it in mint and berry flavors. For at least thirty minutes after the treatment, you should avoid rinsing, drinking and eating. This will allow your teeth the appropriate amount of time to absorb the fluoride. After that short period of time though, you will be free to go about your daily activities as normal (with the added knowledge that you’re doing your best to keep your teeth healthy)!