Intraoral Camera

Dental Intraoral Camera

Dr. Hadeed often uses a digital intraoral camera during exams. This camera allows the patient to see what Dr. Hadeed sees while looking into the patient’s mouth! Dental conditions like cracks, decay, soft tissue lesions and loose fillings can be documented and then shown to the patient. It is important to Dr. Hadeed that the patient is fully informed about the condition of their dentition. As always, the final decision on a treatment plan is that of the patient’s—and with this tool, the patient can have the peace of mind that the treatment the patient chooses will be correct for her or him.

The intraoral camera is very small—about the size of the mirror used during regular hygiene appointments. While Dr. Hadeed uses the camera to take digital pictures of the inside of your mouth, the pictures can be displayed on a monitor. This is a great way to become more informed about your dental health! You will leave your appointment with a clearer understanding of your teeth’s condition. Your first-hand view, coupled with consultation with Dr. Hadeed, will leave you feeling confident and ready to make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment options.