If you or your children play sports, you understand the importance of protecting your head, arms, legs and neck. There may be one part of your body, however, that you are overlooking, and that is your mouth. Much like you wouldn't run out onto the football field without a helmet, or onto the soccer field without shin guards, you should not play a contact sport without a mouth guard.

During the course of a game, your smile can be exposed to a great deal of risk. You could be hit in the mouth by a ball, piece of equipment or another player. You could fall and crack or even lose a tooth.  A mouth guard will help keep your gums and teeth safe from injury.

If you participate in any kind of full-contact sport, the American Dental Association recommends that you wear a mouth guard every time; Dr. Hadeed is here to help you to choose the right one. There are three basic types of mouth guards: the pre-made mouth guard, the “boil-and-bite” fitted mouth guard and the custom-made mouth guard. When choosing any mouth guard, you will want to be sure that it is tear-resistant, comfortable, well-fitted to your mouth, easy to clean and does not obstruct your breathing. A custom-made mouth guard from the dentist is the type of mouth guard most likely to help you fulfill each of these requirements.

Visit Dr. Hadeed for a consultation on choosing the right mouth guard and learn how to wear it properly. Remember that even if you have braces, a mouth guard is an essential tool in keeping your mouth safe. Protect your beautiful smile!