Halloween Leftovers: Guide for the Conscientious Parent

Take a deep breath, and let out a long, satisfied sigh. Halloween is over! The costumes have been put away. Masked children have stopped roaming the streets. Thousands of candy wrappers have made their way to various trash bins.


bigstock-Halloween-Hunger-88398-200x300But the Halloween leftovers linger—Snickers, Tootsie Rolls, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Milky Way bars lurk like ghosts in the dark corners of your cupboards. Your kids have probably reached their junk food quota for the fall—and let’s face it, we all probably have too! (If you need some extra motivation to start curbing your intake of sweets, check out our article on tooth loss and dentures!

 So what can you do with these pesky, tempting, leftover sweets? Here are a few ideas:

1)    Freeze Those Treats!

We aren’t telling you to NEVER give treats to your kids (or never to consume them yourself!): We simply advise that you make smart decisions about the amount of sugar that you and your children intake. Freezing leftover candy bars will make them last longer, allowing you to dole out treats to your family over the course of the next several months. I bet they’ll like that added crunch to the chocolate—I always do.

Be careful though! Let the candy thaw a bit before taking a bite. Also the regular rules for those with braces, dentures and crowns apply: Please avoid all frozen candy.

2)    Hide Those Treats!

Along the same lines, it may be helpful to have little treats hidden away in your car, purse and briefcase. We all, from time-to-time, need a little afternoon pick-me-up. We also, from time-to-time (or maybe more regularly than that!), may be faced with a hungry, cranky child. In a pinch, there is nothing better to brighten their mood than a bite-sized Milky Way bar.


As your dental care providers, we are the most excited about this option! Our troops overseas love to receive little gifts from home. Local shelters and charities are always welcoming donations, as well.

One great project is the Oakland County “Treats for Troops” program. Various Oakland County Sheriff’s Offices collect leftover candy (wrapped, please, and no chocolate) to send to our troops as a show of support. When donating to the “Treats for Troops” project, you are encouraged, but not required, to include a little note—thanking them for their service or wishing them a happy holiday. For more details on how to make these donations, check out and select the article entitled “Sheriff’s Office Collects Treats for Troops.”

Happy November, everyone, from all of us at Dr. Hadeed’s office in Clinton Township! Stop by for your regular appointment, and we will give you a treat every time (toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss, of course)!

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