Silver vs White fillings

Dental Tip of the Week!…….Ok guys I get this question all the time: “What is better , silver or white fillings?”. Well the anwer depends on the clinical situation. Some of the benefits of white fillings are that they 1) match the shade of the teeth 2) can be made very thin (if decay was very shallow) 3) are often less hot and cold sensitive after placement

Some of the benefits of silver fillings are 1) they can be placed in a damp field 2) they actually stay more dimensionally stable when being placed thus there is less risk of new decay starting around the filling

I feel silver fillings are completely safe and should still have a place in modern dentistry…….they work.

Every situation and patient is different. Having the ability to use both materials (for fillings) allows meto practice rational and responsible dentistry that suits the needs of the patient being treated.

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