Tooth Loss and Dentures

It’s a common misconception that only elderly people need dentures, but the loss of permanent teeth is a problem that impacts adults of all ages. In this article, we will look into some of the reasons people lose teeth, ways to avoid tooth loss and what to do if you think you need dentures.


tooth-loss-300x221What Causes Tooth Loss, And How Do I Avoid It?

Tooth loss can be caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease (bone loss around the teeth roots), or trauma.


Poor-to-fair Oral Hygiene Can Cause Decay and Periodontal Disease

Tooth decay and/or periodontal disease can be caused not just by flat-out bad dental hygiene, but also by not-great dental hygiene. Many adults feel that visiting the dentist every year or two is enough, that brushing their teeth once a day is keeping their teeth as clean as they need to be, or that flossing their teeth a few times a week is standard. Dentists, however, recommend that in order to maintain the healthiest mouth, adult patients should go well above and beyond those standards.

To maintain excellent oral care, one should visit the dentist at least twice a year, brush at least three times a day and floss at least once a day. Your dentist may have recommendations unique to your individual needs—ask Dr. Hadeed how you personally should best care for your teeth.


Poor-to-Fair Dietary Habits Can Cause Decay

Sugary foods and drinks can also cause tooth decay that ultimately can lead to tooth loss. Sugary foods do not just include the usual suspects such as candy, soft drinks and cookies. Foods high in sugar also include various cereals, jellies and jams, canned fruits, dried fruits and drink powders. Some sugar in moderation is fine for your teeth—just be sure to keep up with the recommended oral hygiene habits. Too much sugar makes it harder for even those with good dental habits to combat tooth decay.

Please keep in mind, as well, that the frequency of sugar intake is the most critical factor in influencing tooth decay rates.  For example, if one sips on one can of pop throughout the day, much more decay will be caused than if that same person drinks three cans of pop all within a much shorter span of time.  In Dr. Hadeed’s opinion, the amount of sugar intake is important, but it is the frequency of the intake that is more important.

Be sure you know what you’re eating, and try to avoid the frequent intake sugary foods and drinks. Some foods and beverages that seem healthy may in fact be loaded with sugar.  Don’t forget that diet pops, due to their acidity, can do as much damage to your teeth as sugar loaded pops.


Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Can Lead To Periodontal Disease

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are not just detrimental to your respiratory system. Tobacco can also cause the build-up of plaque and tarter on the teeth.   Plaque and tartar are forms of bacteria that cause the gums to be inflamed. When the gums are chronically inflamed, the bone under the gum tissue will begin to dissolve. In this way, tobacco can contribute to the development of gum disease—the leading cause of tooth loss. Please be aware, too, of the oral cancer risks associated with tobacco use.

For better oral health, don’t start, or do quit, smoking and chewing tobacco.


bigstock-Hand-holding-a-set-of-dentures-60607661-300x200It’s Time. I Think I Need Dentures. What Do I Do?

We are human and sometimes despite even our best efforts, and sometimes due to external forces, we lose some or all of our teeth. When this happens, dentures can be a solution.

Visit Dr. Hadeed at his office in Clinton Township to talk with him about the best type of denture for you. Once he has discussed with you the type of dentures that you need, he will take a series of oral impressions.  This will be painless and easy. Wax dentures will then be made for you to try. The model will then be refined until it is just the right fit for your mouth. Once you and Dr. Hadeed are both comfortable with the way the model fits, the final denture will be fabricated to be identical to the model.

Your dentures will look natural; they will feel comfortable. No one will notice that you have lost some or all of your teeth, and after an adjustment period, you may even forget that you’re wearing dentures at all.

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