Five Benefits of Dental Implants

Dentures and bridges can be great solutions for missing teeth, but for many reasons, dental implants are arguably an even better solution. Here are five great reasons to get dental implants:

1) Dental implants have the greatest stability.

Dental implants are very similar to natural teeth. The implant, taking the place of the root of the tooth, is composed of titanium, making the implant strong and stable. The titanium is covered with a tooth-colored crown. This is the only part of the implant that is visible and, to the naked eye, the implant can be easily be mistaken for a natural tooth. Since the implant is anchored in jawbone, the crown that is attached to the implant remains stable—it won’t wiggle or loosen in your mouth.

2) Dental implants have superior aesthetics.

The appearance of a crown (tooth) that is supported by an implant is second to none. The main reason that the appearance of an implant-supported tooth is better than the appearance of a denture or a bridge is as follows: We can make the <bigstock-dentist-6038307-300x199tooth appear as though it is emerging from the gum tissue just as would a natural tooth. Because bridges and dentures both essentially sit on top of the gum tissue, rather than emerging from the gum tissue, they cannot achieve as aesthetically pleasing of a result.

3) Dental implants preserve the jawbone.

Your jawbone counts on your teeth to keep it strong and firm. When the maxillary or mandibular bone does not have teeth to support, it begins to deteriorate. Dental implants are the only dental solution that will preserve the natural bone. Bone loss in the upper and lower jaws can lead to many other problems.

4) Dental implants give you freedom to eat whatever!

With implants, you’ll be able to munch on all of the foods you enjoyed with your natural teeth with comfort, ease and pleasure. Go ahead—pick up that crisp apple and take a big bite! Teeth replaced by implants are strong!

5) No cavities can develop on or in an implant!

A cavity cannot develop in a dental implant. Do, though, keep up with your regular dental care and visits. Even with implants, it’s imperative to keep your mouth healthy and plaque free!

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